Diversity Specialist

Most companies don’t have the in-house capacity to create excellent programmes to improve their diversity and inclusion strategy on a regular basis. As a result, reporting continues to reveal diversity and retention challenges.


Leave uncertainty behind with our solutions-focused diversity and inclusion strategies.

  • In-depth data analysis to identify your company’s unique barriers to diversity

  • Evaluate and improve employee development and advancement processes

  • Company cultural practice designs to foster inclusivity and retain talent

  • Proven strategies to support diversity at every level

  • Bespoke workshops to cultivate more diverse, inclusive practices

Be the first choice employer for people regardless of their background. Make your workforce diverse through our selection and interviewing processes.

  • Bring in diverse candidates through Structur3dpeople’s Women in Tech network
  • Communicate a culture where everyone has the opportunity to be successful
  • Recruitment and selection practices to attract, select and retain top talent
  • Comprehensively vetted Candidates matched to your requirements


We are building a tool for better recruitment and diversity practices.  Request an invitation to Caijgo today.