Powering Change


Diversity matters to us, we want more women to work in tech and leadership roles.

We listened to many women who told us they need career guidance and support, so we took ACTION.

Cajigo provides women with access to industry mentors who provide the knowledge, support and pathway into tech and leadership careers.

We’ve made mentoring convenient and accessible anytime and anywhere in 3 easy steps. Accelerating your career with mentors has never been easier.

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a March offer

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More about Cajigo

For women - mentors to guide you, anytime and anywhere.

We believe that women everywhere should have access to a mentor to gain knowledge and skills for personal and professional development. Cajigo provides senior level executive mentors aiming to help women at different stages in their lives;

- on a career break, looking to build up skills and confidence to return back to the workplace

- in need of guidance to progress into leadership

- exploring a career change into the tech industry

- looking for support and guidance to reach aspirations and goals


For Employers - recruit directly from a diverse talent pool, with measurable results.

Are you a company who would like to grow and develop your female workforce?

Are you a senior level executive who would like transparency on diversity efforts?

With the lack of diversity and retention challenges continuing to hinder the tech sector, Cajigo make’s it easier for employers to hire female talent, where senior leaders can measure diversity efforts in real time. Using Cajigo as part of a D&I strategy allows employers to develop the skills of female talent, encouraging aspirations, creating a workplace with a sense of belonging and where they can thrive.