Helping women into a bright tech future


Technology is changing our lives, from how we order food, to how we book holidays and even how we travel. It’s an exciting time to work in careers that are making our world so much easier and offering us great solutions in a digital world.

We believe that women everywhere should have access to support and mentoring to gain knowledge and skills for a bright tech future.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, you may be thinking of;

  • the different types of careers you can go into

  • how you can make yourself visible to employers and stand out

  • how others climb the career ladder to the highest level

  • finding a mentor who can advise and guide you

  • exploring a career change

  • returning to work and looking to rebuild skills, or even

  • starting your own company

Cajigo offers you a platform to learn from women who have been there before you, where they share their advice and knowledge so you can thrive in whatever career you go into.

  • Learn and develop your skills through mentors

  • Chat to women working in different industries

  • Share your journey with women, so you help others to rise

It’s mentoring and support on the GO, convenient and accessible anytime in 3 easy steps.