Mentor Spotlight - Bijna Dasani

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Bijna has established strategic innovation and complex transformation successes, across the globe, working for some of the City’s key players, including Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and State Street Global Advisors.

Bijna has been recognised as one of the top 50 Visionary Young Leaders in Business, by Henley Business School (2017), Management Today’s 35 women under 35 in business (2015), a Rising Star by We Are the City (2013) and has received recognition with nine further honours including the National Diversity Awards (2012) and the Asian Women of Achievement Awards (2010).

Bijna advocates for, and is patron to a diversified portfolio of social impact, humanitarian, inclusion and diversity causes.

Structur3dpeople was extremely excited for Bijna to mentor one of the leadership cohorts in 2016 and here she shares her thoughts on mentoring as a game changer.


We live in interesting times....

-        The Indian economy rebalancing overnight in a brave move by Modi

-        Cuba opening up to the rest of the World post-Castro

-        FinTech’s threatening banking as we know it - with the emergence of Open Banking

-        More people on the planet with mobile phones (60%+) than access to clear sanitation and water

-        Trump changing political journalism as we knew it

-        Brexit

This is the year of game-changers! Finding balance and remaining centred amidst the whirlwind of uncertainty are challenges for the entire planet!

There is solace in structure, consistency, stimulating dialogue; and this mentoring programme has evidenced the power of mentorship is priceless.

Each quarter has delivered intense, heartfelt and significant conversations with each mentee. Giving advice is natural, openly receiving warrants conditioning; my mentees have thoroughly centred and shaped my lenses on commercial behaviours through their intelligent perspectives, challenges and questions.

These strong, determined and ambitious women are reflection of my professional eco-system, facets from each one’s career path, reflecting snippets of journey’s past, present and lessons for the future. They have had a significant influence on expanding my horizons and influencing the effectiveness of my contributions to the sessions; exceeding anything I might have delivered for them.

And that is the power of a mentee; to strengthen the mentor...Structur3dpeople have married mentors to mentees seamlessly, through their programme, and my curiosity turned-passion leads me to commit to a second term of delivery through the Women in Tech Leadership Programme in 2017.

In a world where women still are often the lesser paid demographic, whilst representing over half of the labour-force, it’s essential for women to support and strengthen fellow women across industries and sectors.

We live in the most interesting times of our lifetime and have the power through such programmes to influence today, the shape of the world we want to see tomorrow. Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of business and encouraging, inspiring and enabling women into this exciting space; it is an opportunity for equalisation, at the very least.

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