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Studies continue to evidence that inclusion of diverse individuals fosters a rich exchange of new ideas among employees and helps an organization leverage the unique character of its workforce. Whilst many sectors have actively tackled aspects of diversity, a high level of gender inequality continues to exist within the tech sector.

The UK workforce is currently 46 percent female but only 15 percent of the IT professional workforce is female and a survey conducted by Tech London Advocates found that 23% of technology companies in London have no women in senior positions; highlighting a lack of diversity in senior board positions in the UK capital.

Having a diverse employee base can greatly benefit your company. Research shows that:

  • Diverse teams exhibit a higher level of creativity and a broader thought process in solving complex problems
  • Diverse perspectives lead to innovation
  • When properly managed and trained diverse work teams produced results six-times higher than homogenous teams
  • Companies that embrace diversity enhance customer loyalty
  • Greater diversity leads to financial growth

Structur3dpeople is pioneering and developing initiatives that will pave the way for more women to not only enter the tech industry, but also to progress into leadership roles:

  • Role Models – use of positive female role models to inspire more women to enter the world of tech and to encourage leadership aspirations
  • Mentoring - mentors are vital to encourage women to seek others in the industry to help and advise them in their career paths. By inspiring the next generation of leaders, and demonstrating that tech is a creative industry that offers a variety of opportunities, we can help overcome the gender divide and tackle the skills gap facing tech companies across the UK. It is important to note that both women and men play an important role in mentoring women in tech.
  • Women in Tech Annual Events – a combination of role models and companies showcasing and debating the positive impact of workforce diversity. Structur3dpeople is looking to hold an annual event for women, men and companies to share good practice and knowledge, providing solution-based advice to real challenges faced in the workplace. The events are designed to not only inspire more women to get into tech, but are also to encourage and empower more companies to understand and embrace the richness of a diverse workforce.